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2018-12-14 digital edition
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What Sen. Rand Paul doesn’t get about U.S.- Israel relationship

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

It is with reluctance that I must respond to the comments by Sen. Rand Paul in a recent edition. According to the article, Sen. Paul stated that he wanted to cut aid to countries that are hostile to the United States and aid to Israel. It is difficult for some to understand the relationship between the U. S. and Israel.

A friend of mine, Charlie Reece, a national columnist, explained it in an editorial in the ’80s. When your children or grandchildren are flying B-52s from bases in Turkey into Russia, when they look on their wings, they will see fighter planes from Israel flying cover into Russia. Those Jewish pilots know they do not have enough fuel to make it home. But they are our allies and know we are in this together. The cold war was won by the submariners, B-52s, and Reagan’s Star Wars. But the Russians were most concerned about the B-52s and those fighter planes from Israel.

Sen. Paul, that’s an ally. I am an old man now but I was taught in Kentucky what a friend and ally is. Having a grandmother and grandfather who were Christians from the Middle East, I understood the basic truths from that part of the world. Senator, what happened to all the Christians who lived in the Middle East? Oh yes, that was before the Americans.

David J. Zachem
St. Petersburg

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