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Trevor Noah and Ted Cruz have a war of words – in Yiddish

Ted Cruz has “chutzpah” – on the tip of his tongue.

The Republican Texas senator’s frequent use of the Yiddish word for gumption caught the ear of Trevor Noah, host of “The Daily Show,” the nightly comedic take on the news. On Thursday, Aug. 5, Noah’s show aired a compilation of clips of Cruz using the word in various contexts – from explaining its meaning to Fox News hosts to accusing President Joe Biden of having too much of it.

Noah even pulled in a clip of Jewish comedian Larry David at the end, telling Cruz, too impolitely to republish, it was enough already. The segment was the popular show’s “Moment of Zen” for the night.

The next day, Cruz extended his Yiddish language showdown with Noah, shooting back with a different, and dare we say, chutzpadik, Yiddish word which rhymes with “nuts.” According to Leo Rosten in the “Joys of Yiddish,” it is a vulgar slang for penis and is a term of contempt for a fool, ass or jerk. But Rosten adds these words of caution: “Not to be used lightly or when women or children are around.”

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